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Guttural Waste Collection

Alice Slyngstad, Jennie Bergsli


Thursday 17 November 2022
6:30 – 7 pm
Vleeshal (Map)

Free Entrance

For the public program of the solo exhibition Soothing Pants, Alice Slyngstad and Jennie Bergsli invited the audience to experience the Vleeshal as a sonic space. With script in hand, they turned the gothic exhibition hall into an intimate sound space, activating it by using their voices within a variety of vocal ranges.

The Guttural Waste Collection action is part of an ongoing research by Alice Slyngstad and Jennie Bergsli into how sounds can elicit different forms of affection and emotions.

Guttural Waste Collection
Guttural Waste Collection
has to do with 'internal waste’ and questions what happens when the little bodily sounds that you don't normally hear become audible. How is internal waste (and guttural secrets) handled within public space? How does it create affects and what kind of intimate and strong feelings arise when someone eats an apple on the train, for instance? With the action Guttural Intimacy Collection, Slyngstad and Bergsli research the potential of bodily sounds for shared experience and intimacy.

For the solo exhibition Soothing Pants, Alice Slyngstad worked closely with Jennie Bergsli. During the exhibition's public program, they met again to perform this action with the public.