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Festival, Concert

Saturday 25 June 2016
2 – 9 pm
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Tonnie Dieleman

Midzomerdrone is a minimalist music festival for drone music and improvisation. This edition took place at Vleeshal Markt in collaboration with de Spot. Musician Tonnie Dieleman (of Broeder Dieleman) had invited an impressive line-up of artists from across Belgium and The Netherlands, many of them with 'Zeeuwse’ roots, that have found a way into their music. The artists worked in various ways with Vleeshal Markt's unique architecture and acoustics, improvising with drones and interweaving clustered sounds to build mesmerising soundscapes and long lasting tones which induced meditative qualities within the space.

Line up
16:00 Broeder Dieleman
17:00 Stars and Other Bodies
18:00 Het Geluid van Zeeland
18:45 Robby de Selby
19:45 Looped Exodus
20:45 De Tuinen
20:30 Hellvete
22:30 Kaviaar