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David van de Kop, Hans Biezen

Group exhibition

13 April – 12 May 1984
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Hein van Haaren


The artist is (one of) the last big adventurers. He travels, and not under the guidance of a map, brings himself into unexpected situations – and constructs, without plan, a meeting with the unforeseen. It is about the world behind the horizon, to the world (in modern art) that has come out of perspective. First, the photographer explored changing faces and the shapes of his wife, as well as the things she touched. Special mise-and-scène brought the picture to the other side of the horizon where it became surprising. The tents in a valley are a next step: no blast to broaden the resources and further dissolve the theory. The image beings to take shape: a form that comes through the mist in a circle of light in the morning. The sculptor, meanwhile, has to use his hands. He organizes the adventure in his hand; the landscape is in the palm of his hand, and he looks at it. Outside shapes make their entrance and fall into pieces on the ground. In a space, the sculptor sets the pieces in his hands (squeezing, ironing, wrinkling, pulling, pushing, stacking, bending ...) that transforms space into scene - that is, he also creates another side of the horizon, with sense and feeling, a world of things. Our journey brings us there.