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Two machines for feeling & Trough the motions between the stars

Tony Brown

Solo exhibition

13 May – 11 June 1988
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Anton van Gemert


Tony Brown's works are critical as this term is understood in medical terms: as a turning point in a pathological process. Paradoxically, this "critical state" of work led to an amazing unanimity among critics regarding their diagnosis: all speak of "psychosis". The allegations that they make in their texts are infected to some degree by the peculiarities that emerge in the works they discuss, which turn around or divide themselves.

"Two Machines for Feeling” investigates the unlikely encounter of two types developed in which the hidden sexual preferences, such as those occurring in Western performances, are dropped. In the paradoxical sequence of the bidding machines, such as Duchamp's "Big Glass", Brown’s machines point to the renaming of the celibate, i.e. incompatibility.