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Jef Geys

Solo exhibition

23 January – 7 March 1987
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Anton van Gemert


Belgian visual artist Jef Geys from Balen has created an installation in the Vleeshal, whose exhibition will take place until the 8th March. He has seventeen paintings that were produced by means of a "mother painting", for which the base is a photo taken by Geys, of the Villa Sonsbeek with sculpture by Claes Oldenburg. The philosophy behind this is the question of the boundary between the world of art and the broader layers of society. This theme, which is always at the heart of Jef Geys’ work, has been further elucidated in a text, which is produced in consultation with Belgian philosopher Frederik Leen. The text is also the starting point for three conversations between Geys and Leen with an increasing number of people. The first conversation has since been recorded, and can be viewed in the Vleeshal. The public will be given the opportunity to provide written comments, which will be introduced at the following talks (8 and 22 February from 12:00 to 13:00). These meetings also create video images that are displayed in the Vleeshal.